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Puff Ponderings
Cute with Sharp Edges
20th-Oct-2010 05:19 am - Woo
Pink bunny
So I made my self a word press for my legacy stuff, this will be still for my ramblings. So if you're interested in sims 3 legacies check it out here:
18th-Oct-2010 03:28 am - Attention Sims Players
Pink bunny
Okay, I've been busy with halloween but this is something important so I decided to take time out and post about it. Pay sites must be destroyed is a 100% free site/ forum that relies on donations of time and items. It's dedicated to getting rid of sims 2/3 pay sites which unfairly charge for custom content, often offering items of sub par quality and charging far too much. Paysites must be destroyed is running a Booty drive and is looking for people willing to donate their time, pay items, or even a little money to keep the site going. If you can please pitch in, if not please check it out and spread the word anyways. Thanks
25th-Sep-2010 08:23 pm - Life Is Grand
Pink bunny
Well my best friend came to town this weekend, and I am unable to see her due to the fact that my luck sucks. We were supposed to go clubbing last night, got ready, excited, then she got sick. Then tonight was supposed to go to a going away party for a mutual buddy of ours, my back goes out. Icing on the cake? My eye swells up from allergies and now I look like a mask you can get from walmart's halloween isle. Yuck.
Not to mention it looks like my sewing projects have hit a bit of a lull. Hope it doesn't last. :(
Ain't life grand?
21st-Sep-2010 06:46 pm - Quick post
Pink bunny
So quick post so I feel like I actually post stuff in my journal. My friend Taylor has gone to Europe today and I wish her  all the best, I just hope she doesn't try to drive there. That would be a bit of a disaster.  Hope she has a wonderful trip and gets to enjoy all that Europe has to offer before coming back to be tied down by work and college.
Today my sister stuck a sticker on my dog's head trying to test how long he would ignore it for. >.> It was rather annoying since the sticker annoyed me more then my stupid dog who couldn't care less. Luckily when he came back from his walk it was gone.
Also today I'm starting two new projects, one crocheting (the ghost dog from Nightmare before christmas, made from a wonderful free pattern), and one sewing (a lolita skirt made out of some fabric I found from when my grandmother passed away). Hopefully they both turn out alright since I have the worst luck with this type of thing.
The short bread I had made is completely gone today, I barely got any. That makes me happy though because it means that it turned out well. :) I don't bake often so when I do, I prefer to share with other people. I suppose I'm just a sucker for being praised -_-;
That's all for now!
21st-Sep-2010 01:18 am - It's been a while
Pink bunny
Man it's been forever since I posted anything. Been really busy/sick.
So first bit of news is that I've been accepted in Aveda's styling academy here, Oxygen, I am really excited to get started. I have been doing my own hair for ages, so this some I really want to do. It's been really busy with everything involved in that, I had to quit the horse rescue board unfortunately.
Also I put out my neck and back due to a injury I received while working with the rescue. Well it made a old injury I didn't know I had really bad according to my chiropractor . ^^; Between that and allergies I've been pretty laid up. I've been too depressed to really post anything but I'm feeling better now.
Lately I've been getting into knitting and handy crafts. I'm even planning on starting a sewing project. I'm currently working on a pair of rather cute socks as my knitting project. It's modified from a existing one, so when I finish if people want I can post the instructions.
I also recently dyed my hair back to plain old brown to save on money, student loans are expensive, and cut it myself. I think it's rather adorable. SO that's what's been going on. I'm not dead I swear!
7th-Jun-2010 12:34 am(no subject)
Pink bunny
BC interior horse rescue attended event on June 5th
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21st-May-2010 01:27 am - Harvest Moon Anybody?
Pink bunny
Wow it's been hella long since I last posted! I have been sick/busy. But I'm better now, and a little less busy. So here's a post. Finally
Anyways way back when I used to play harvest moon a lot. I would spend hours on it stalking the various pixelated inhabitants of the harvest moon game, flower/turnip for a gift in hand. Harvest Moon 64 and Friends of Mineral Town hardly every left my TV screen. Then I stopped playing since the games started to seem too similar and left it alone for a couple years. Three or four days ago I picked up my sister's copy of Sunshine Islands. I am no at least 40 hours into the damn thing with a notebook full of birthdays, who gets what presents, etc. I have no idea how a game so unnecessarily complicated can be so addicting!
Harvest Moon's brain leeching abilities aside I also couldn't help but notice a ton of changes since the last game. For one you can no chose the color of your Horse/Dog. It's only two color choices, but it still made me excited.  You can be male or female now. Another thing is you don't start the game with a chicken coop, barn or a dog. You have to earn them with your blood, sweat and most likely, lots and lots of tears.  You can't ride your horse, which sadden me, but you can ride him in a festival once a year to earn 'Wonderfuls' for your tools. Also in this one you can get a cat, you can also choose it's color and enter it in a festival.
Somehow they've made up their minds that Harvest Moon wasn't hard enough before, now they have invisible hearts  on two of the marriage candidates as well as a trick candidate. One bachelorette, has heart events, but you cannot marry her. Seems rather odd to me. The other two you can marry, you just can't see their hearts, so you just kind of have to keep note of where you are with them. One thing that is rather annoying is that you have a 30% chance of losing your friendship with someone every day you do not talk with him or her. No matter how many hearts you have.
Despite all the changes, and hair tearing annoyances, Harvest moon is still Harvest moon after all these years and many installments. I am still as enchanted by the my tiny little ranch as I was when I was a kid sitting in front of the 64, with my mom yelling at me to 'turn that damn thing off and come to dinner'.
So any other fans? If so what's your favorite game in the series? Any thoughts on the changes the series has taken over the years? What keeps you coming back?
21st-Apr-2010 10:55 pm - Who Let The Dog Out... of the Closet
Pink bunny
Is it just me, or is there something horribly wrong about dogs wearing clothing? We own three dogs, all of which my sister delights in dressing up in little clothes. She claims that the dogs love it, but I think they just get excited from the tone of voice she uses when she's puts the clothes on them. My dog tries to gnaw the little coats right off, but my sister still insists on making him prance around in the damn things.  I can see dressing up your dog for halloween, or if they have very thin coats and get cold easy. That's fine. But those people who have a wardrobe for their dog that will make a Las Vegas drag queen jealous, there's a issue. Dogs have fur, it's not meant to be covered up by say... a feather boa/tutu combo. That's just wrong.
Now I see that they have these clothes for cats. I mean yeah, cats always have sort of acted like drag queens, but do we really need to give them anything more to add to that? Next thing you know my cat will be stealing my lipstick because the shade goes with those fantastic kitty gap pants he got.  So seriously people, stop dressing up your animals. It's disturbing, and you look like a douche doing it. Seriously, stop it. No dog or cat needs rhinestone shorts.
Pink bunny
So I haven't posted these past couple days since I was finishing up setting up my thirty gallon fish tank. My two green spotted puffers are in it and doing great. They've been with us for about three days and are as happy as can be.
So today is another weird news story. A fourteen year old boy in Russia kill his father over a video game. Crazy I know. The boy had been playing the video game way too much so the father had taken the key board away. So when the dad fell asleep, the boy took a sledgehammer to his head, killing him. His mother who was completely freaked out, gave him back the keyboard. The boy then went back to playing video games for several hours before going to sleep. The mother then called her relatives. Not the police, her relatives. I don't know about you but I would have called the police first thing. Anyways the relatives called the police and now the boy is put away. Guess he's not going to be playing anymore video games.
The morale of the story I guess, get a lock on your door for after you punish your kids. They just might be pyschos. Also for those of you that think this is a cause of video games turning a boy violent, that's not true. This kid was nuts to begin with. I'm addicted to video games and I would never kill my parents. Who would make me dinner then? Not to mention he lives in Russia. No offense to people who live in Russia, but it's not exactly the most pleasant place in the world. So yeah.
Article is here:
15th-Apr-2010 11:48 pm - Blue Lobster?
Pink bunny
Okay so I wanted a bigger tank, and found a really nice set up for sale online. Only catch was that it came with a bunch of fish. That was fine since I had a couple of tanks to spread them out through. Little did I know that the tank contained a little blue devil....
Or I should say a rather large blue lobster. This lobster has a bad habit of trying to escape it's tank, and frankly I don't want to have to try and catch it. It's pinchers are rather large. Our cats adore the damn thing, my sister is terrified of it, and it sort of pisses me off. So if anyone wants it, get it now before I decide that I'm over my seafood allergy.
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